Introduction and fic rec

Hi. I've been a member of this comm for a while, but haven't posted anything up until now. I love Leroux's novel, saw part of the 2004 movie (the flashback right after "Masquerade" scared me off), and listen to the movie soundtrack all the time. *dodges rotten fruit* Gerard Butler is by no means a good singer, but his voice kind of grew on me after a while.

Anyway, I present this fic I found while looking for Mary Sues on to you for your inspection. Enjoy it. Or don't. Whichever.

Title: A Deadly Obsession
Author: Erik'sTrueAngel
Genre: Horror
Word Count: 43, 243
Rating: T
Summary: COMPLETE! You envied her. You wished you were her. Emmy Sawyer would have done anything to become Christine Daae, but some things are best left unsaid. AU Modern Day tale. Slight EOC. [Dark Erik] Please R&R!

Pros: Dark and scary as fuck, satire of rabid phangirls, well-written
Cons: Evil!Christine, slight Raoul bashing, a few grammar errors
The Horror

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(Incidentally, if you haven't checked the comic out yet, you definitely should! It's great!)
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Vicomte de Phantom

This one is very odd; the author has had an intriguing idea (what if Raoul were already married when he becomes patron of the Opera Populaire) and yet manages to use it to produce a story which is virtually a word-for-word rendition of the entire libretto of the original with no changes at all. Raoul's wife is present as viewpoint character in every single scene (even the ones between Christine and the Phantom), takes over random lines in many of the songs, including the Final Lair trio, and yet has absolutely no effect on the plot whatsoever, courtesy of a rapid divorce during the interval. It's not even particularly badly written -- it's just utterly pointless.

I've heard of fan-fiction which consists of nothing but a rewrite of the original source with a self-insert character tagging along without affecting a thing... but this writer has actually come up with a credible and potentially fascinating concept which ought to have a massive effect on the dynamics between the characters, and it's totally bizarre that she has used it simply as a vehicle for transcribing the lyrics. Vicomte de Phantom

Even odder is that she has then done exactly the same thing for "Love never Dies", with an equal utter lack of impact on the plot -- apart from transcribing it with a relatively Raoul-friendly interpretation, and changing her narrator's name from Aurore to Auroe!

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Meg shoots the Phantom

This was actually intended as a semi-serious proposal as to how the action/lyrics of the "Love Never Dies" finale could be reworked (again) to produce an ending in which audience and composer get the requisite warm and fuzzy feelings about the Phantom while everyone else gets to patch their lives back together ...

It doesn't avoid one of the basic problems with the plot, which is that Christine gets handed over between one man and another without an apparent agency of her own in the matter, and it's sickeningly sentimental about the Phantom (who is portrayed as rather more noble, in my view, than is consistent with his character in the rest of the show), but both of those are the result of my attempt to come up with a version of the ending that is consistent with Andrew Lloyd Webber's apparent intentions for "Love Never Dies" and one that he might theoretically actually implement. I was slightly nervous about giving ALW a guest appearance in the final paragraphs, as it seems a little too much akin to Real Person Fiction and a little presumptuous to shoehorn a reaction onto someone, but there is a certain tradition of that in this fandom. (And at least I was civil about it!)

(something that is notably lacking in the current LND set-up...)