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Laugh at Stupidity

ingenious planes, wonton goddesses and duggins, oh my!

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Punjabbing Inanity 101
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Let's face it - as much as we love Phantom, this fandom is FULL of wankability.

Sappy Erik/Christine fic, abusive!Raoul, WTF pairings, infuriatingly perfect Mary-Sues, inane and rehashed arguments about Erik vs. Raoul, Erik being the most sexually masterful virgin on earth, and, of course, all the wonders spelling and grammar could possibly provide...

Come! Let us laugh at stupidity!


Standard rules apply - big posts under cuts, no broken links, etc. Other guidelines:

1) If your post contains any non-worksafe pictures, please say so outside of the lj-cut. Some of us browse Phanwank at work, school, or where others can see it.

2) If you're wanking a fic, please give the title and a link to the story. This goes for all chapters posted, not just the first one.

3) Before you post, please click the Preview button to make sure your coding is correct.

Your moderator,

Anna longlostblue

Here's the famous fic involving the duggins and Roule's Ingenious Plane.

Take a look at our Phanwank music videos, Version One and Version Two.
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